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Since its inception by owner Stavro Qirjako in 1994 , Finikas lines has established itself in the market with resounding success, and now belongs to the leading agencies .Our twenty nine -year course in the field of coastal shipping and tourism covers your need for high-level services in maritime transport .The customers of Finikas Lines can expect competent and friendly personnel , on time departures and safe, clean vessels .

These are just a few of the benefits which have made Finikas Lines extremely competitive and successful compared to other agencies. But the best way to be convinced is to experience for yourself the advantages of the ferry lines with all our tourist services


International Sea Lines between Corfu and Saranda. Every Day !

A variety of excursions on Corfu and in Albania

Bus Transport in different destinations

Marine and Travel agency.

Vip and luxury tours


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Finikas Lines Saranda To Corfu

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How to Book With Us

Your online reservation and payment can be made up to 4hours before the departure. With your printed ticket you can go directly to the international passenger terminal. It is not necessary to report to the central port agencies for check-in. Book Early and Save 10% discount on the official rates.

Ferry or Fast


Ferry or Fast

Finikas Lines operates a fleet of 2 different types of ships for the line service between Corfu (Greece) and Saranda (Albania). The fleet consists of 3 Flying Dolphins (High-Speed Crafts) and 2 Passenger Ships. Our ships and our 29 years of experience guarantee quality services, comfort, speed, safety, and respect to the environment and our clients.

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Are you dreaming to visit Saranda or Corfu?
Enjoy your trip with FINIKAS LINES and discover our unique offers.
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Jeep Safari in Albania

Finikas Lines offers exclusively Jeep Safari trips with their vast fleet of cars. Enjoy raw and untamed landscapes, crystal clear waters of our natural springs, and our magnicifient coast.

Click on the video on the side to watch our jeep safari video!


Got Questions About . . . ?


Reservations and bookings can be made through all Central agencies at the Port, and online in official Finikas Lines website at www.finikas-lines.com. The ticket is issued in the passenger’s name and is strictly personal. It is not transferable and is valid only for the specific route it has been issued for. Any change must be reported to the central ticket office at the Port.
From the date of the ticket issue and up to 30 days before the scheduled departure, the fare of the ticket is fully refundable. From 29 days up to 7 days before the scheduled departure: 75% refund. From 6 days up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure: 50% refund. In less than 24 hours of the scheduled departure the fare is not refunded. Tickets can be refunded or converted only by the issuing agency or by the Company in case of online booking. Tickets cannot be cancelled by telephone. NON-SHOW tickets are not refundable.
In case of a lost ticket the passenger must immediately notify the issuing Travel Agent or the Port Agent or the Company. The travelling passenger can only pick up the reprinted ticket with valid identification at the port of departure.
Fares and timetables listed in this catalogue are based on conditions existing at the time of print. If any conditions should change after the time of print, the Company reserves the right to make changes to the timetable, the fares and the routes or to refrain from contractual obligations without prior notice. The Company however is not liable for any damages resulting thereof. The aforementioned conditions include any kind of unforeseeable circumstances like an increase in fuel prices or currency fluctuation. In the unlikely event that contractual obligations may not be fulfilled, the customer is entitled to a full refund of payments made. Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.
The fares of tickets purchased in other countries may differ due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.
Group fares can be requested through the Company. A group consists of minimum 16 passengers.

Didn't get your answer? Please visit our FAQ & Terms/Conditions page to find out more.

Finikas Lines - Ferry Saranda to Corfu
Finikas Lines - Ferry Saranda to Corfu
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