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How To Get From Corfu to Saranda

If you’re planning a trip from Corfu to Saranda and you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable ferry service, Finikas Lines is one of the best options available. In this article, we’ll explore how to get from Corfu to Saranda using Finikas Lines, from the customer’s point of view.

Blog - Finikas Lines - Ferry Saranda to Corfu

How to get from Saranda to Corfu

If you’re planning a trip to Corfu, Greece from Saranda, Albania, taking a ferry is one of the most popular and convenient options. One of the reliable ferry companies operating between Saranda and Corfu is Finikas Lines. In this article, we will discuss how to travel from Saranda to

Finikas Lines Saranda To Corfu

Where To Buy The Ferry Tickets?

You can purchase ferry tickets at our ticket offices in Saranda or Corfu, or online through the website. Ticket Offices In Saranda The ticket booths located in front of the port terminal on Rruga Mitat Hoxha in Saranda are where you can purchase ferry tickets to Corfu. Make sure

Finikas Lines Saranda to Corfu Terminali

How To Get To The Ferry?

In order to go to the International Ferry Terminal of Corfu from the Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport, you can either travel via a taxi for €15-€20, or via the public bus number 15 for €1.20. Then, if you have an online ticket, you can go directly to the terminal.

Blog - Finikas Lines - Ferry Saranda to Corfu

Discovering the Albanian Riviera

The 80-mile stretch of sparkling coastline between Saranda and the city of Vlore has become known as the “Albanian Riviera.” It’s marketed as a budget alternative to the exclusive (and pricey) Italian Riviera and Croatia’s brilliant Dalmatian Coast. By 4pm it’s time to catch the ferry back to Corfu.

Blog - Finikas Lines - Ferry Saranda to Corfu

A day in Corfu Town

If you only have a day we suggest you walk around the old town. It is full of narrow cobbled streets that are full of boutiques, restaurants and bars. Even though the town is popular with tourists, this is not a museum, locals still live and work here. Don’t

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