Saranda is a port in southwestern part of Albania and it is bordered by Corfu island (Greece). In antiquity the city was known by the ancient Greek name of Onchesmos .In the Byzantine period it is called ” Forty Saints “. In the beginning of the 20 century Saranda was named just Porto. Mussolini named Porto Edda in the honor of his daughter Edda. At the end of the 20th century it took the name “Saranda”.

The highlights of Saranda :

1) Butrinti
The National Park of Butrint (also known as Buthrotum) is one of the biggest archeological treasures of Albania, the cultural identity of Saranda city and part of the UNESCO World Heritage site . It is considered also as a habitat of many species that are globally threatened, making it one of the most important areas for Albanian biodiversity. It is located 14 km south of Saranda and also close to the Greek border.

2) Blue Eye
It is the most beautiful natural attraction with a water spring and a natural phenomenon near the village of Muzine in Finiq municipality. This lake has an average depth of 50m and is the only of 18 others that culminate with the largest and crystalline blue-green source in the shape of an eye.

3) Lekursi Castle
Erected on a hilltop, only 2 km from Saranda. It was built in the 15″ century, during the campaign of Sulejman Pasha against the Corfu. A very special strategical position allows the contemplation of the city and the street that goes to Butrint, and a rare view of the islands of Ksamil.

4) Ksamili Islands
The small town with four magical islands, also called Tetranis Islands, is the destination of all. With gorgeous beaches like: Pema e Thate (The Dead Tree), Mirrors Beach, Seagull Beach, Krorezh Beach etc. A special place is also the Mussel House around the Butrinti Lake.

5) The ruins of Synagogue
Belongs to the medival period . Inhabited by a Jewish community and turned later into a christian chapel situated in the center of the city. Excavation have revealed a Basilic and two mosaics , respectively with two figures of fish , which is related to the coastline of Saranda .

6) The Monastery of 40th Saints
Is located on the top of a hill ,near the Lekursi Castle , is one of the most important historic monuments in Saranda . It dates back to the 6th century AD and it is thought to have been an important regional pilgrimage site .
Saranda, Albania - Ferry Saranda to Corfu

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